Lexus hybrid hatchback aims for green halo

The Lexus CT 200h doesn’t have anything like that presence. Its appearance is of a neat, but not particularly distinctive hatchback. Unless you are bent on making an impression wherever you go, then the more low key looks are unlikely to be a problem.

Lexus CT 200h

More impressive luxury and performance than economy

It is possible to get off on the wrong footing with the Lexus LS600h L.

Lexus LS600h L

Lexus LS460 comes loaded with technology

It's an odd feeling sitting in the driver's seat doing nothing more than feathering the brake pedal while the car parks itself. The park assist system is probably the headline-grabbing technology on the car that has everything... or at least you can have everything if you pay for the right level of specification. Read More...

Hybrids can produce headline grabbing economy

I find out how to do 57.6 mpg in a 4.7-metre long off-roader (with a little practice and some help from downhill gradients!). Read More...