How to save £2 on your fuel bills

Did you know you can save up to £2 of fuel per week by simply reversing your car into a parking space, so you drive away forwards? That's the amazing claim from the IAM Motoring Trust.

New data from the IAM Motoring Trust shows it takes an average five year old car a minute and a half for the engine to warm up and the most efficient way to warm it up is by driving it. Reversing out of a space when the car's engine is cold uses around 20 to 25 times more petrol in the first few seconds than it does when warm. If you do this 10 to 12 times a week that adds up to a cost of about £100 a year, not to mention the increased wear on the car's engine.

Russ Swift

We can't all park like Russ Swift, so reverse parking means we don't waste fuel

Reverse parking is also usually safer and is advised in The Highway Code. Reversing into somewhere you can see (a parking bay) rather than reversing out into somewhere you can't see (often a line of moving traffic) is much safer.

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