Congestion charges stall

It has been a bad few weeks for those who want to tax us twice to use the roads we have already paid for.

  • The western extension of the London Congestion Charge has been scrapped.
  • In Manchester pro-congestion charge advertising has been canned because of its ‘biased content’.

Those who drive in central London more than I do (I have been
billed for the congestion charge, even though I have not driven in London for may years!), say that traffic is flowing more easily around the capital’s streets.

The suspicion is that Mayor Boris Johnston has readjusted the traffic lights that had been tuned to create traffic congestion. This is not as outlandish as it sounds.

  • The ABD has put forward evidence that councils have been encouraged to slow traffic flows in cities.
  • Indeed, anyone who has sat aimlessly burning fuel in a traffic queue, while an empty bus lane is out of bounds on the left, knows that some traffic congestion is artificially generated.

Let’s hope that others follow Boris’s lead.

Now, more than any, would be the right time to boost the efficiency of our businesses by smoothing traffic flow, reducing delivery times, cutting wasted down time, saving wasted fuel.

Let’s get Britain moving again. Let’s invest in our prime transport network... roads.
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