Saab looks boldly to the future

Saab has signalled its future design direction under its new ownership with the Saab PhoeniX concept car unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Saab is saying that the concept is built on the basic architecture that will be utilised for their new Saab 9-3. As with so many manufacturers they have invented a word for their new design style it is, wait for it, “aeromotional”.

With Saab having a long heritage as a Swedish aircraft manufacturer, the aircraft theme has been quite constant through the years.

Saab PhoeniX

The Saab people are quite gushing about things like the “dramatic jet canopy-inspired glasshouse” and the “side-mounted ‘winglets”.

Butterfly opening doors give easy access to a 2+2 cabin which apparently has the Swedish minimalist, ‘stripped out’ feel and what Saab calls its IQon infotainment and communications system – a technology we can expect to hear more about.

“The PhoeniX establishes a new reference point for the future of Saab product design,” says Jason Castriota, Saab Automobile’s Executive Design Director. “It symbolises a renaissance of the innovative spirit and passion that drove Saab to build its first car.

“We’re now taking the visual DNA forward with what we call ‘aeromotional’ design, adding emotion, power and fluidity. This design aesthetic will shape and differentiate future models in the Saab portfolio.”

Under the skin the Saab PhoeniX deploys an innovative driveline, with an electrically-driven rear axle mated to a 200 hp, 1.6-litre petrol turbo engine driving the front wheels. Saab say this results in an intelligent, hybrid all-wheel-drive capability. Combined cycle fuel economy and CO2 emissions are projected to be 56.5 mpg and 119 g/km.
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