Sponsored: Top Excuses Given For Putting Off a Driving Test

For many people, driving is among the most pleasurable experiences available. A majority of adults in the UK have a driving licence, but there are those who find the learning experience so traumatic or nerve-wracking that they simply put off their driving test for whatever reason they can think of. This article details five of the most common excuses used by learners to delay having to sit their test.

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1. Nerves / Fear of Failure

It's a proven fact that nerves can adversely affect exam performance, and this covers everything from school exams to driving tests. Many younger aspiring drivers admit to crippling fear when sat behind the wheel: whilst this is a natural state of affairs for most learner drivers, a majority conquer their fears enough to sit their test. However, the fear of failure can be so acute or crippling that some drivers are forced to postpone their test time and again. Whilst a medical certificate is required to allow free rescheduling of a test date, some learners simply abandon their test plans until they've settled their nerves.

2. Pregnancy

Many female drivers go through the learning process during pregnancy: the ability to drive is a big plus when considering getting around with a small child. However, as due date approaches, many ladies may feel uncomfortable even sitting in a car, let alone undergoing a potentially stressful test. Of course, a majority of those who put off their test at this time will go on to pass at a later date. 3. Crashes

It's a fact of life that driving is difficult, requires intense concentration and is potentially hazardous. However, that is also compounded by the potential for being involved in a crash entirely out of your control. For some learner drivers, experiencing a crash (whether at fault or not) can severely impair their confidence and mean putting off a test for months or even years. The old adage of getting back behind the wheel as soon as possible after an accident may hold true for some people, but accidents can naturally be a huge deterrent to learning to drive.

4. Costs

Whilst learner driver insurance is expensive, the costs of acquiring insurance after passing a test are even steeper. For younger drivers especially, an inability to afford car insurance can certainly deter many from finishing their driving lessons or sitting a test. An increasing number of drivers leave it until later in life to qualify, and while insurance costs remain high for newly-qualified motorists, they are noticeably lower than for teenagers.

5. Superstition

It may sound ridiculous to many people, but getting a driving test date on the 13th of the month or learning to drive in a car featuring an unlucky number on the registration plate can genuinely be a reason for people to put off a test. When it comes to superstition, tempting the fates is never a good idea! Perhaps as the year 2013 comes to a close, there is a group of aspiring motorists out there ready to take the plunge in the New Year!
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