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When buying a used family car there are a number of factors that will influence which car you purchase. The obvious ones may be fuel economy, price and space, but there are other factors that may seem less important on the surface but could be important when you start to dig deeper.

Low emissions could save you an annual bill of hundreds on road tax, not to mention any duty you might feel to the environment. After all, the whole purpose of a family car is to transport your next generation of loved ones. What better way to look after them than to do your part in saving the planet?

Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

The Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion and the Skoda Fabia Green line both make it into the very highest category. The figures are based on things like fuel economy and CO2 emissions. The Toyota Prius obviously scores highly as do most of the cars that use the green angle as marketing feature. These vehicles are not yet readily available as used cars though.

If you live in London this is an even bigger consideration due to the fact the lowest banded cars pay no congestion charge. The highest bands can pay up to £25 a day.

With climate change now high on the political agenda, environmental sustainability has now crept into the market for used cars. Environmental concerns may bother some drivers more than others, but as a statistic it would be interesting to see if it raised more anxiety for people with families and therefore people looking to buy family cars. The insistence of manufacturers to start developing green cars mainly in what you would term the family size bracket is an interesting development.

Whatever your view, it is healthy financially to be aware of fuel economy and low rate road tax, so, when buying used cars these figures are worth more than a passing glance.
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