Mini concept shrinks back to original size

For those who complained that the new Mini was too big compared with the original, Mini have the answer. The Mini Rocketman Concept was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Mini Rocketman Concept

The Rocketman harks back to the original Alec Issigonis Mini of 1959 in terms of its exterior dimensions being just over three metres long. Mini describe the concept as being a “3+1 seater”. What they mean is that the Rocketman Concept can take three in reasonable comfort and a fourth passenger for shorter journeys.

Conventionally, it has three doors when you count the hatchback at the rear. Unconventionally, the Rocketman’s two passenger doors have double-hinge joints and they open with the integrated sills to make it for easy access. Round the back the Rocketman Concept has a drawer in place of a normal hatchback boot – a novel design idea that sounds as though it could be quite a practical solution for a vehicle of this size.

Mini Rocketman Concept

The clear roof panel is etched with a Union Jack pattern as a nod to the British heritage of the original Mini.

Mini hint that they are looking at power units that would give the Rocketman reasonable performance while returning a fuel consumption of 94 mpg.

Let’s hope Mini put the concept into production. But let’s hope they lose the Rocketman name and also the ‘grab-handle’ rear lights.

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