Seat shows IBE concept car at Geneva

Seat took the wraps off its IBE concept car at the Geneva motor show. Described as a compact sports coupe, it is intended to be a zero emission car of the future combining “a sporty and dynamic concept for urban mobility”.

It is a welcome return to a unique design language for Seat, still focusing on the marque’s target youthful market. The IBE concept car is 3.78 metres long, making it just 25 cm shorter than an Ibiza.

Seat IBE

A two door design, the IBE features an extremely low bonnet and long roofline. Visual highlights include the LED headlights, the Seat signature of an arrow shaped bonnet and at the back the rear light clusters again feature LED technology.

The power unit is under the flat bonnet, with lithium-ion battery at the rear. Maximum power output is said to be 75 kW (102 PS), Seat see this delivers exactly “the kind of dynamic driving fun you would expect of a car that looks so sporty”. For city driving 0 to 50 km/h takes 3.4 seconds. It will reach 100 km per (62 mph) in 9.4 seconds.

Battery capacity is said to be “plenty to cover all the daily mobility requirements of city life”, but no specific driving range has been quoted.
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