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The latest studies have found that the average worker spends the best part of 200 hours commuting in the United Kingdom. Not only that, but we also tend to spend more than £200 on food while driving, but we digress. Unsurprisingly, the biggest commute is for people in London, but generally the further you go to get to work the more you earn – so, it’s not all bad.


Travelling is a pleasure when it comes to holidays but trips to work five days a week can be stressful. On top of this though, you will be driving on busy roads at rush hour and this puts you at risk in terms of safety. In fact, statistics from July show that car crash claims rose by a fifth this year. Oftentimes, these claims are for nothing more than whiplash but the worst injuries come from needing to claim head injury compensation and this danger is increased when cycling.

So, what can you do to stop the increased risk of an accident?

  • Prepare – It might seem obvious but take some time to prepare. By this we mean that you should not only give yourself plenty of time but you should also do a traffic plan. There are apps for this sort of stuff every morning but as you take the route to work each morning, think about where you could cut out time queuing to either give you a) five more minutes in bed or b) the chance to get to work earlier.
  • Take it easy – Part of preparation is giving yourself enough time to get to work at a slow pace. Once this has been accomplished, don’t be sucked into the trap of switching lanes, beeping other drivers and just generally working yourself up. Road rage is a phrase used quite frequently in the UK, just objectively examine your drive and remember that most of the time none of this even matters.
  • Remove distractions – Well, not necessarily remove them but just put them in a more accessible place. Obviously, texting is a big no-no and generally phone calls should be avoided but, if they can’t be, then make sure that you have a mount to put your belongings in and use a Bluetooth adaption of some sort so you can take calls easily on the move. Don’t be fishing around for your cash or your bag, have everything in reaching distance.
  • Be productive – While it is good not to have distractions, don’t think that you have to sit in silence. Many people swear by music whether they are studying, working or driving but try to make what you hear in your commute useful. If you are interested in a language then get a podcast downloaded and listen each morning. Even if that is all you do, it will help to keep you ticking over until you can further study. Similarly, you could get other audiobooks for the industry you work in or just a novel. This means that you can use this time productively that not only benefits your brain but also cuts down the rush.


Those are four of the best ways to get you in the right position and mindset to steer clear of potential accidents. Additionally, check that all your mirrors are correctly positioned and you have full vision. However, you are only one part of a potential accident so if someone else hasn’t followed these rules then make sure you know your rights in a crash with recommended road accident solicitors.
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