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Using the theme of a Zombie attack and the need for a ‘fast pair of wheels’ to make your getaway, a new video has been released to promote the Chevrolet Volt – a new electric car with a conventional motor to extend its range.

When charged up, the Chevrolet Volt will drive between 40 and 80 kilometres on the electricity stored in the 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery pack. In this mode, tailpipe emissions are zero.

Chevrolet Volt

When the battery is depleted a conventional internal combustion engine will start up and generate electricity to power the Volt, charging up the battery at the same time. This extends the range of the Volt to more than 500 kilometres, doing away with the one of the main concerns associated with electric vehicles – running out of battery charge before completing your journey. If your journey is longer than 500 kilometres, you can simply refuel the Volt and keep driving.

The Chevrolet Volt is charged up by plugging it into a normal 230-volt household outlet. It can be fully charged in four hours.

Efficient driving will extend the mileage that can be completed on electricity alone. To help the driver achieve this the Volt gives real-time feedback on the efficiency of the driving style. The heating and cooling system on the volt also has three efficiency modes and the green leaf button, gives details on the power flow, charging and energy status of the car.

The difference between cars like the Chevrolet Volt and hybrids is that the Volt’s wheels are driven by an electric drive unit. Electrictity is the primary source of power, with conventional petrol used only if it is needed to provide electricity when the battery is depleted.

In the industry this type of vehicle is known as an electric vehicle with extended-range capability or E-REV.

Chevrolet say that the Volt offers ample space for four passengers and luggage space is good at 300 litres. With it instant torque of 370 Nm, the fold accelerates 0-62 mph in around nine seconds.

Aiming to deliver maxim efficiency, fun and optimum power, the Volt has five driving modes that are selectable by the driver – ‘normal’, ‘sport’, ‘mountain’, ‘hold’ and ‘low shift’.

In ‘normal’, the Volt will choose the most efficient mode. ‘Sport’ reconfigures the accelerator response to provide a quicker application of torque. When selected ten to 15 minutes before entering an hilly section of road, ‘mountain’ prepares the car to ensure there is sufficient battery charge for steep road sections.

The ‘hold’ mode is designed particularly for European customers and holds the batteries charge for city driving with zero emissions. Finally ‘low shift’ works with the ‘sport’ mode to provide the most sporty driving style.

This post has been sponsored by Chevrolet.
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