Skoda's executive load carrier

So, you want an estate car with more than a touch of luxury and plenty of space to stretch out? If that is your dream, you may have concluded that you need a mortgage, not a loan, to buy the car to match your needs.

Well, just as the Skoda Superb saloon offers outstanding space and luxury for the money, now you have the option of the estate car version.

Skoda Superb Estate

Just over a year ago I tested the Skoda Superb hatchback with the 2.0TDI engine. This is the second generation of the model that celebrated Skoda’s complete rehabilitation from the bad old days.

Where the hatchback has the innovative ‘Twindoor’, that offers the flexibility of using the car as either a saloon or a hatchback, the Skoda Superb Estate offers just the usual estate-car tailgate.

On the test car it had the added luxury of being electrically operated (a £500 option). As well as being convenient when your hands are full, electric tailgates also avoid getting your hands filthy with road dirt during the winter. You can even set the height to which it will open, if you have a garage with a lower ceiling.

Whether you go for the automatic tailgate or not, what you do get is a particularly large, flat load floor. But, because it is flat and nicely carpeted it also provides the ideal carpet bowling arena for that rare porcelain vase you bought at the antique auction. On the SE and Elegance models, Skoda provide you with one of those useful system on sliding rails that let you create a corral for your load.

Skoda Superb Estate

With the back seats in use the Superb’s boot will hold almost 600 litres, with the seat backs down this expands to 1700 litres.

In passenger-carrying mode, the Super Estate offers the same limousine standards of rear leg room as the hatchback. Adding to the limo image, as with the hatchback, there is an umbrella built into the rear door, so that you can perform your chauffeur act in true style.

Although it is capacious, the Superb does not feel unwieldy. The test car also made parking easier with the £425 park assist system that identifies parking spaces big enough for the Superb and also helps the driver to execute the perfect reverse park manoeuvre.

After all, what’s the use of the chauffeur looking cool with an umbrella if the car is parked at a un-pretty angle?

Skoda Superb Estate rear seats

Levels of refinement are excellent. You need to listen quite closely to hear diesel engine and even then it is only audible at tickover and under acceleration. Normally the Superb just wafts around with very low noise levels and a luxury car ride quality.

A two-litre engine in a big estate car may sound like the recipe for dull performance, but the Superb responds well and the quoted 0-62mph acceleration is a remarkable 8.9 seconds.

Combined fuel consumption sounds really good at 47.9 mpg, but (possibly because I was working this small engine a little harder) my best overall was 33 mpg – still quite creditable for a big estate like this. CO2 emissions are 153 g/km.

At £24,796 the Skoda Superb estate car is competitively priced in its class. But, if you want a reasonably priced estate car, with real comfort for rear-seat passengers, the Skoda Superb Estate actually is in a class of its own.

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