Vauxhall shows Flextreme concept

Vauxhall has revealed its Flexstream GT/E concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. The Flexstream is described as an extended range electric vehicle designed to achieve power without using fossil fuels.

Vauxhall say the intention is to show that side is no barrier to driving a car with zero carbon dioxide emissions. The car’s ill aerodynamic efficiency is demonstrated by a drag coefficient of just 0.22.

Vauxhall Flexstream

The design is deliberately made to look low and wide, with wing-shaped lights front and rear. The car has been given what Vauxhall describe as a distinctive nose and grille, with muscular, sculpted bodywork.

Access to the cabin has been enhanced, say Vauxhall, by adopting rear hinged doors. To keep the exterior looks clean, all the door handles have been replaced by light sensors. These trigger the doors to open when covered by the driver’s or passenger’s hand. To reduce air turbulence, and door mirror are replaced by small cameras.

There is a fixed glass panel in the roof and this automatically allows sunlight to warn the car include weather, darkening to reduce heat in the summer.

The drive system for the Flexstream is similar to the Vauxhall Ampera and the car is expected to offer similar performance, with a battery power range of 40 miles and a total range of more than 300 miles. Average fuel consumption is estimated at 175 mpg, with CO2 emissions of less than 40g/km.
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