Land Rover produces baby Range Rover

These are the first official pictures of Land Rover’s new baby Range Rover, released following an exclusive preview in London for guests attending a 40th birthday celebration of Range Rover held in partnership with Vogue magazine.

Named the Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover describe the newcomer as a “coupé” and it will join the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport line-up in the summer of 2011. Its appearance follows the positive reaction to the LRX concept, which Land Rover took around the motor shows in 2008.

Range Rover Evoque

The aim of the new car is, of course, to capitalise on the cachet of the Range Rover name and use it to expand Land Rover’s market in a world where the trend is towards more compact and more economical cars. Now, buyers in the compact off-road market, will be able to drop the name “Range Rover” into their conversations over cocktails!

Video from the Range Rover 40th Birthday. You can see stills from the 40th birthday event on Flickr.
Recognising that many buyers would like the image of a Range Rover, without necessarily ever intending to don green wellies, the new Range Rover Evoque will be available in two-wheel-drive form – surely the first time Land Rover has produced a two-wheel-drive vehicle.

With the aid of two less driven wheels, Land Rover say that some models of Evoque will have carbon dioxide emissions under 130g/km – a figure that will puncture many objections to so-called ‘Chelsea tractors’ (4x4 off-roaders that never tackle anything tougher than the kerb outside the posh shops of Chelsea).

Land Rover LRX Concept

A picture of the Land Rover LRX Concept, showing how closely the Range Rover Evoque follows the concept car.

Phil Popham, managing director, assured buyers that Land Rover would not be letting the Range Rover moniker head down market: ”Customers can be confident that the new car will be premium, luxurious and just as special as the other Range Rover models,” he said. “Its sporting looks and unique qualities will open the brand to a new group of customers who may not have considered a Range Rover product before.”

The Range Rover Evoque is destined to be sold in more than 160 countries.

The all-new Range Rover Evoque will make its public debut at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September and will go on sale from next summer.

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