Ferrari FF first pictures

The official Prancing Horse web site,, has revealed the first photographs of the new FF, the company’s most powerful four-seater ever, and its first ever four-wheel drive car.

Ferarri FF

The FF – an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four-wheel drive) – is described as a “decisive break with the past.. the new car represents not so much an evolution as a true revolution”.

The V12-powered FF aims to combine the expected sporty, high-performance character with versatility, comfort and elegance. Designed by Pininfarina, Ferrari say “the shape and proportions perfectly interpret the FF’s harmonious blend of sporting DNA and extraordinary usability”.

Ferarri FF

The FF features the company’s first ever four-wheel drive system. Ferrari has patented what it calls 4RM (four-wheel drive). It weighs 50% less than a conventional four-wheel drive system, helping to maintain ideal weight distribution (53 per cent over the rear axle). Integrated with the car’s electronic dynamic control systems, the four-wheel drive technology features continuous and “intelligent predictive” torque distribution to all four wheels.

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