Vauxhall Adam first pictures

This is one of the first official pictures of the Vauxhall Adam Vauxhall a car designed to take on the growing market for chic, stylish small hatchbacks. As such the Adam will squaring up to cars like the Mini and the Fiat 500.

Vauxhall Adam

Just as the name (love it or loath it) stands out, the photographs show that the Adam will have looks that will make it stand out from the other cars in Vauxhall (and Opel outside the UK) showrooms. Vauxhall admit that the name Adam has divided opinion, but it appears to have better acceptance in the UK than elsewhere in Europe.

The three-door, four-seater has been designed, appropriately, by British designer Mark Adams and will be shown at this year’s Paris Motorshow, before appearing in UK showrooms early in 2013.

The design carried some Vauxhall Opel design signatures borrowed from other models, notably with the sweeping line down and along the door and a grilled reminiscent of the new Astra. What makes it different from the Mini and the Fiat 500 is the lack of any retro design cues. Vauxhall push this as a virtue, but it will be the market that decides.

There will be a choice of three petrol engines, one 1.2-litre and two 1.4-litre variants. All will have stop-start systems to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. while announcing that it will later adopt a new-generation small petrol engine, featuring direct injection and forced induction, it is notable that there is no reference to a diesel option.

To meet the aspirations of the new media generation, the Adam will have Bluetooth connectivity for both Apple and Android devices with a seven-inch, full colour touch display screen on the dashboard.
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