Ford B-Max opens up the MPV

Ford has shown off the new door system that will give greater access to their new B-Max small MPV.

Ford B-Max

Ford has done away with the fixed B-pillar meaning that with front and sliding rear doors open, there is no pillar to restrict access to the interior. Releasing this picture of the new car, Ford boast that the B-Max will have a 1.5-metre wide opening either side, adding that the Vauxhall Meriva “offers maximum access less than 0.7 metres wide”.

Concerns about side impact safety are countered by Ford, who say that the high strength structure around the central pillar has been integrated into the doors. They say they have spent three years with computer simulations to optimise the crash performance.

To capitalise not the wide open sides, the rear seats and front passenger seat can be folded to create a large, flat load platform ideal for flat-pack furniture or bicycles.
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