Mini range expands: Now, the coupe

For the first time the Mini range gets the addition of a two-seater coupe, which Mini say gives the ‘ultimate in go-kart feeling’ to the already agile Mini handling.

The coupé, seen here still wearing some disguise around the all important coupe roofline and boot, has a cutaway roof, which Mini describe as a “helmet roof”. From the pictures it appears there is a wrap-around rear window on the tailgate plus a quarterlight between it and the door. This should make for reasonably good visibility, in contrast to many small coupés with heavy rear pillars.

Mini Coupe

The Mini Coupé is strictly a two seater with some small stowage space behind the seats and there will be an ability, to extend the boot into this area for longer loads, or bulkier sports gear

There is an active rear spoiler, which pops up at higher speeds, in addition to the spoiler on the roof.

The Mini Coupé will be available with the more powerful petrol and diesel engines in the Mini range, with outputs ranging from 122 hp through to the 184 hp Cooper S Coupé and the Mini John Cooper Works Coupé with 211 hp.

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