UK's pothole-proof cars revealed

Time was when road tests used to talk about taking cars over to France to try them out on poor road surfaces. Britain’s roads in those days were so smooth as to be not an effective test for suspension.


How things have changed. Britain’s roads are crumbling and for smooth tarmac you need to travel to countries like Spain.

I should know having had three tyres destroyed in the the last 18 months by potholes.

So, I was more than a little interested in the news that one company has decided to find what they claim to be Britain’s most-pothole proof cars. Of course, that won’t help you with damaged tyres, but it is aimed to highlight the growing problem of damaged suspension and axle components. says that Honda cars are the most resilient to pothole damage.

The road maintenance campaign website, set up by the warranty provider Warranty Direct, analysed tens of thousands of policies* to reveal the cars most and least susceptible to damage as reports suggest UK roads are set to become the worst ‘in a generation.’

After Honda, the most ‘pothole-proof’ manufacturers are Toyota and Hyundai, with less than 2% of their cars suffering axle and suspension damage attributable to potholes and other road defects.

On the other end of the scale the survey suggests, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and (surprisingly) Land Rover models are the most likely to be damaged, with more than 10% suffering damage each year.

While the average payout for pothole-induced suspension damage is £309, Warranty Direct and have indentified recent claims as high as £2,420.

Anyone can report a road defect and share their story using, which has contact details for councils across England, Scotland and Wales.

According to, the Top ten most resilient manufacturers are:

Make Incident rate
1 HONDA 1.4%
2 TOYOTA 1.5%
3 HYUNDAI 1.7%
4 NISSAN 2.0%
5 KIA 2.1%
7 MINI 3.0%
8 SUZUKI 3.1%
9 FORD 3.4%
10 MAZDA 3.4%

Bottom ten least resilient manufacturers

Make Incident rate
1 CHRYSLER 12.2%
2 SMART 10.6%
5 JAGUAR 9.4%
6 SAAB 8.5%
7 FIAT 7.4%
8 BMW 6.8%
9 SEAT 6.6%
10 VAUXHALL 6.4%
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