Hidden danger of 'keyless entry'

At a convivial lunch last week, with fellow motoring writer friends, I was reminded of the occasion when we found that the downside of keyless entry systems.

I had just handed over a Renault to the next driver in line and made him a cheery farewell as he headed off down the street, only to stop and do a three-point turn. He drove back in haste and zoomed down the window.

“Have you got the keys?,” he asked in a rather anxious tones.

Just as well he asked, because I was about to drive off in my own car in the opposite direction. I’m not sure at what point poor Dave would have discovered that he didn’t have the keys which were, of course, in my pocket.

Probably it would be somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in the pouring rain, with the doors locked and his mobile phone sitting on the centre console inside a locked car!

So just watch out if you get a car with a keyless entry system!
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