Murray's city car unveiled

Gordon Murray – best known for his design of the McLaren F1 supercar and Formula 1 racing cars – has turned his attention to designing a radical new city car.

The result, Gordon Murray Design’s T.25 City Car has been seen in public for the first time.

Gordon Murray Design T25

The first thing you notice are its compact dimensions, which allow the car to park at 90 degrees to the kerb. Parked this way, three T.25s can park in the space normally allocated to one car.

At home, two T.25s can park in a normal one-car garage. Gordon Murray Design has even suggested the T.25 could allow authorities to explore the possibility of two vehicles travelling and overtaking in the space normally allocated for one lane.

Even with conventional-width lanes, the company says that its short length offers the potential to triple the lane usage at peak times.

From a sustainability perspective, the T.25 has been designed to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacture.

Gordon Murray Design T.25

The central driving position draws a parallel – albeit within a very different design – to the McLaren F1 supercar. As well as being practical, Gordon Murray Design say it “generates a unique, ‘cool’ and fun driving experience”.

Other features include:
  • good all-round visibility.
  • class-leading rear passenger leg room (better than most ‘B-Segment’ cars).
  • a unique door opening system, that allows occupants to get in and out when space is limited and allow easy access easy access to the rear child seats.
  • ultra lightweight (approximately 550kg) that increases component life, reduced energy needed to power the vehicle and, hence, increases fuel efficiency.
  • a world-leading 6 metre turning circle.
  • space for between 1 and 3 passengers with luggage space between 160 litres and 720 litres.
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