Low emission zones in France

Following our story on the umwelt zones in Germany comes news of similar restrictions in France.


If you are heading over to France this summer you will find that areas of France are closed to vehicles without a CRIT’Air badge, to signify that they have suitable low emissions to be allowed into the Environmental Zone Paris ZPA.

Vehicles that can enter the zone, with a CRIT’air sticker, are:

  • Petrol-engine vehicles registered from 1997.
  • Desel passenger cars registered from 2006.
  • For buses, trucks and motorhomes, only vehicles registered after October 1, 2009 and complying with EURO 5 are permitted.

Vehicles in the low emission zone without the appropriate sticker can be issued with a on-the-spot fine costing £117.

For more information about the various low emission zones across Europe go to the green-zones.eu website, or download the Green-Zones app to your smartphone.

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