Volkswagen diesel: is your car affected?

Volkswagen has now published a website at which UK owners can check if their Volkswagen Group car will need to be modified in response to the recent scandal following the discovery of software that detected when cars were being emissions tested.

If you have a diesel Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda or Seat you can get information from Volkswagen and enter the car’s VIN number to see if your car’s engine is affected.

The Volkswagen website is at

Before you go to the website you will need your car’s VIN number which you can find on your car’s registration document, in the front of your service book or in the small window at the bottom of windscreen.

The website confirms that Volkswagen Group UK has announced an action plan to modify diesel vehicles with the EA 189 EU5 engine. It also states that new vehicles with the EU6 engines, plus V6 TDI and V8 TDI engines, are not affected.
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