Lamborghini - where it all began

In the advent of Lamborghini's new exclusive 800hp Supercar being named HyperVeloce, online car buying website, Sell Your Jamjar has looked back into the whirlwind history of Lamborghini and its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini where it all began with an interesting blog post.


Born to grape farmers from the comune of Renazzo di Cento in the Emilia-Romagna region, Ferruccio had always used his mechanical know-how in his working life, firstly setting up a tractor business in 1948, then an oil heater business which grew into an air-conditioning company in 1959. But it was not until later that Lamborghini turned his hand to supercar production.

Tired of the rough ride and constant clutch repairs of his own Ferrari, Ferruccio decided to found a new company to allow him to design and build a two-seater, mid-engined high performance sports car, to directly compete with rival Ferrari.

Lamborghini Hyper Veloce

By 1966, his company had gained worldwide acclaim for its Miura sports coupé, which established rear mid-engine and rear wheel drive as the standard layout for high-performance cars.

The firm has been bought and sold several times, with sales affected over the years by various worldwide financial crises and it is owned today by Volkswagen, producing 200 units for sale per year.
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