Jaguar XE will deliver over 75mpg

The new Jaguar XE will be “the most fuel-efficient Jaguar ever” according to the company. They go on to say that extensive use of lightweight aluminium construction will help the new smaller Jaguar saloon to return “over 75 mpg” on the EU combined cycle.

Jaguar prototype Death Valley 2013

Jaguar prototype Death Valley 2013

Death Valley 2013 79

The new Jaguar, which I photographed in prototype form in these Death Valley pictures last year, will be premiered in London on September 8.

Lightweight aluminium will constitute 75% of the structure of the new XE and Jaguar claim it will be the only car in the class to use an “aluminium intensive” monocoque. In addition to contributing to the economy of the new model, this lightweight stiff structure is said to help deliver “benchmark levels of ride and handling”.

The aluminium itself is a new high-strength grade called RC 5754, which has been specially developed for the Jaguar XE and also contains a high level of recycled material.

In addition to the expected 75mpg combined figure, Jaguar are predicting that some models will emit less than 100g/km of carbon dioxide, in which case they would qualify for a free UK tax disc.

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