Sponsored: Taking the Scenic Route: 6 Amazing Drives Through Europe

Whether you’re visiting specifically for a driving holiday, or you simply hire a rental car while in Europe in order to get around, you absolutely have to enjoy some of this continent’s amazing roads.

Driving in Europe can be an incredible experience, and no matter which part you visit you’re sure to find some unbelievable scenic routes.

So, if you’d like to find out more about some of the best places to drive in Europe, consider visiting some of these locations:

Amalfi Drive, Italy
Located between Sorrento and Amalfi in Italy, this stretch of road is actually carved out of the cliff-face. It’s a huge tourist attraction, probably because of the breathtaking ocean views. An absolute must if you’re staying anywhere near Southern Italy.

Alpine Road, Germany
Experience the beauty of the Bavarian Alps on this winding road that stretches on for almost 300 miles. It begins at Lindau on Lake Constance and finishes at Berchtesgaden on Lake Königssee, and it even comes with the slogan ‘every mile – a smile’.

pas de calais
Pas de Calais, France
Rural French roads, cobbled streets and beach-lined coastal roads await you throughout Pas de Calais in Northern France. The scenic countryside views and bustling streets within the towns in this French department will amaze you, especially when you compare them to hectic Parisian streets. Sit back, relax and enjoy the drive.

causeway coast
Causeway Coast, Ireland
Explore the stunning natural landscape along this historic stretch of Irish coastline and marvel at the sights you’ll uncover. With majestic cliffs, white sandy beaches and the incredibly Giant’s Causeway waiting for you, you’ll certainly find yourself wanting to stay in this beautiful location.

The Cotswolds, England
Situated in southwestern and west-central England, this fantastic Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is famous for its rolling hills, lush green landscapes and quiet lifestyle. It’s perfectly connected with main roads, but also offers up some country-lane driving.

Taurus Mountains
Taurus Mountains, Turkey
Take this six-hour drive through the Taurus Mountains in Turkey to really make the most of this incredible landscape. Stop off for some fresh spring water from a creek in the mountains, or keep going and soak up the sights of snowy mountains and clear skies.

Do you know of any other astounding European drives?

This guest post was written by travel expert Aurora Johnson on behalf of Central Contracts, a company specialising in car contract hire in the UK and Europe.

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