The clue is in its name

I’m sure we have all experienced the situation. We exit a roundabout and don’t notice that the indicator has not cancelled.

It happened to me this morning and resulted in one of the closest calls I have had in recent years.

Indicator on

I was approaching a junction with a long queue of traffic waiting to get out onto the main road. Unbeknown to me, my left indicator was still blinking after the roundabout and a truck decided this was the opportunity he needed and launched into my path.

There ensued a slithery, panicky moment which I was sure was going to be punctuated by a loud thud and the sickening sounds of bending metal and breaking plastic.

The lessons to be learned are:

  1. I need to be much more vigilant about whether my indicator has actually cancelled.
  2. We all need to remember that the indicator is well-named. It is just an “indicator”, not a guarantee.

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