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If you love cars and want to share that love with a group of like-minded people in one of the most spectacular places in the world than the Las Vegas super run car show is one of the most perfect matches for you.

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New York New York in Las Vegas

This is a car show devoted to all models and all years so that despite your tastes you’re bound to see a car that you love. Not only this but there are many awards and prizes for the different cars that are sure to participate so if you have a classic car want to show it off why not buff it up and bring it down.

The super run Las Vegas car show is a four-day event all types of cars that has over $15,000 in cash prizes as well as 260 awards to be given out to anyone who wishes to enter. These prizes are not just for the best looking cars or the most interesting cars but also for competition such as performing burnouts and roaring your engine. These many different competitions will reward people for perfectly tuning their cars for the enjoyment of others.

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With this experience playing in the real Las Vegas will be even more fun.
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