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BMW made its name in 1916 as BFW – producing and developing aircraft engines for WW1. This fact may seem insignificant to some but if you scratch beneath the surface, you will notice that it is a fact that has made BMW what it is today.

The technology and innovation that slaps you in the face when you have your first ride in a BMW is one that will stay with you forever. It is lots combined qualities, developed from aircraft engineering, that make BMW so unique.

Since then, the 70’s was the decade for music and movies. The 80’s was the decade for fashion and cars. The BMW M5 offered us mere thrill seeking humans just what we had been looking for and still to this day, they never fail to satisfy.

Now, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG creates some of the most responsive cars in the industry. It is not even like you need to drive one to discover how special they are. You can see it. One drives past you on the street and you notice.

When you get in a BMW car, you can feel the quality. There is a perfect balance between handling, power, convenience, luxury, comfort and amenities that, combined, is unseen in other cars.

You are connected to the road in a way that raises your heartbeat with every twist and turn. The BMW provides the driver with just the right amount of feedback so you will know what the car is doing at all times.

In June 2012, Forbes Magazine listed BMW as the No.1 most reputable company in the world. The rankings were based on people’s willingness to buy, to recommend, to work for and to invest in. That fact speaks for itself.

Let’s not pretend high intensity power doesn’t matter. You want safety and reliability that is fierce right down to its very core. BMW is the automaker for you. The company’s focus on engineering excellence alongside leading-edge design has lead it to the forefront of technology in an attempt to enhance the driving experience. Through a constant influx of consumer aided innovations, BMW has moved ahead of its peers. It plans to stay there.

BMW – the ultimate driving machine – isn’t just a car. It is every synonym and antonym under the sun. Emotional, yet powerful. Fiery, yet cool. Intense, yet calming.

So, when does your driving pleasure start?
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