Sponsored Post: Protect Your Car This Winter

It is always worthwhile keeping on top of your car’s condition, but this becomes even more important when winter hits. The bad weather can cause some treacherous driving conditions. Make sure you are prepared for the worst by following some of this helpful advice.


Because of the poor weather conditions and icy roads, the chances of a break down are much higher in winter. Prepare yourself for the unexpected with some breakdown cover and make sure you always know where you are with a route planner: it can be tricky navigating even the most familiar roads in bad weather.

Winter service

You should have your car serviced at regular intervals throughout the year. If you can, book a winter service for your car just as it’s starting to get cold. It is essential that you check for any possible problems your car might have and have them fixed quickly.

Driving style

When the roads start to ice over you should make sure you drive more slowly. The last thing you should do is rush, when the roads are icy it is better to lean on the side of caution. It is also a good idea to keep some distance from the car in front, just in case they run into some trouble of their own.

Keep it clean

Make sure that you keep your windows and lights clean and clear. As nights get darker, and on some occasions foggier, you are going to want to keep visuals as high as possible. It is also essential that other cars can clearly see your lights on the road.


  • The battery – You are inevitably going to use your lights and heating a lot more in the winter months, so your battery is going to get drained a lot quicker than the rest of the year.
  • Oil and petrol levels – Always make sure you have a decent amount of petrol to cover your journey, especially if it is a long one. As you are going to be driving slower over icy roads, you won’t be using your petrol at a fuel-efficient speed. You should allow for extra petrol usage.
  • Tyres – If your tyres are showing any sign of wear and tear you should replace them. You should always check your tyre pressure at regular weekly intervals.

Emergency provisions

Even outside of winter you mind find it useful to have some, if not all of these emergency items available in your car:
  • A torch and batteries – If you find yourself in a breakdown or stranded at night, a torch will come in handy if you need to look around in the dark.
  • Food – You want to have something that won’t go out of date any time soon. Cereal bars are a good choice as they provide good sustenance.
  • First aid kit – It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • A shovel – You may find that you need to dig out some piles of snow.
  • A car-phone charger – If you do find yourself stranded as a result of a break down, your mobile will likely become your new best friend. A car-phone charger is a great item to have in your car throughout the year. It’s also a good idea to keep some spare change in your car, in case you can’t pick up any signal and need to use a payphone.
  • An ice scraper and de-icer. It is a good idea to clear your windscreen and windows of ice as soon as possible.
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