Don't blindly accept insurance renewal

When your insurance renewal comes in, take the time to check it. Simply letting your policy renew could mean you lose out on quite significant savings.

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That’s the lesson I learned this last week. My renewal notice from a well-known national insurance company had come in and it would have been all-too easy to simply accept the renewal premium and let it run.

But, had I done so I would have been paying almost £100 more than I needed to.

A check at their website showed that a new customer filling in their details would get a much keener quote. So, armed with that (and having saved my quote online), I called and spoke to an adviser.

The call took time. But, with a saving of almost £100 it was well worth the effort.

So, at the very least, when your renewal comes in, check what you would be quoted as a new customer. Better still, take some time to shop around for the best quote.
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