All new Ford Mondeo revealed

Ford has taken the wraps off its all-new mainstream model, the new Ford Mondeo. Among the headlines is that one of the power units will be the remarkable one-litre Ecoboost petrol engine, as the ‘Blue Oval’ seeks to achieve the ‘best in class’ fuel economy.

As predicted the new Mondeo design is very much on the lines of the US-market Ford Fusion which was announced in January. Like the updated Ford Fiesta it has the new Ford signature trapezoidal grille. That, along with the coupé style roofline gives it almost a baby Aston Martin look, if you half close your eyes and suspend a little bit of reality!

New Ford Mondeo

That more up-market look is no mistake, as Barb Samardzich, Vice President, Product Development at Ford of Europe explains: “This is the most premium Mondeo we’ve ever built and the most premium vehicle Ford’s loyal European customers have ever been offered.”

The Mondeo is built on Ford’s new global CD-segment platform. As we have seen with the Fusion, it lives up to the spirit of its Mondeo name, which was obviously designed to suggest a world car.

Mondeo is the first Ford to feature headlamps with LED high-beam, low-beam and signal lighting. Quicker to illuminate, more durable and more energy-efficient than traditional filament bulb headlamps, the Mondeo’s LED headlamps turn with the steering and adapt beam projection to vehicle speed – providing a greater depth of illumination at high speeds and a wider field of vision at slower speeds.

Ford claim the new Mondeo’s interior delivers unprecedented levels of ergonomics and comfort. Following the quest to present an upmarket image, they say they have made use soft-touch materials and premium finishes.

New Ford Mondeo interior

Another headline for the new Mondeo, is the announcement of Ford’s first hybrid passenger car for Europe – the four-door Mondeo HEV. It uses a 2.0-litre petrol engine with a 35kW lithium-ion battery to aim for high levels of fuel economy and low CO2 emissions.

Also for the first time on Mondeo, a diesel all-wheel drive variant will be offered, delivering superior traction, performance and handling. This is likely to be popular, particularly in Northern Europe to improve traction in snowy conditions.

Mondeo will also offer SYNC with MyFord Touch a voice-activated in-car connectivity system using an eight-inch colour touchscreen. It can also create a WiFi hotspot for up to five devices.

Also new is the European debut of Ford’s rear inflatable seatbelts. These are designed to reduce head, neck and chest injuries for rear-seat passengers. In the event of an accident the belt rapidly expands to disperse crash forces across a body area five times greater than that achieved by a conventional seatbelt.

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