Toyota Prius is yet more convincing

I’ve tested the Toyota Prius a few times in the past. The Prius was the first modern-day hybrid launched almost 20 years ago, going on sale in 1997 in Japan. This time I am driving the fourth generation model built on a completely new platform.

Toyota Prius

Toyota sharpens the appeal of the Auris

It is some time since I have driven a Toyota Auris, so my first reaction on seeing this road test Auris was to check the details. I still tend to think of a Toyota Auris as being a compact family hatchback and sitting there in front of me was seemed quite a sizeable family estate car.

Toyota Auris 1.2 Touring Sports

Toyota Avensis strives for prestige and elegance

Toyota has unveled the latest in a lineage of Avensis models that stretch back over four models to the original launched in late 1997. In all 1,711,800 Avensis models have been sold, so this new one has to please existing customers, while hopefully bringing in ‘conquest’ sales.

Toyota Avensis

New Toyota Aygo makes stronger statement

If the old Aygo was a bit forgettable, the new one has much more presence. Toyota has let it be known that they are deliberately moving to make the styling of their new cars a bit more extrovert. Certainly, it is a bold move to put that strong ‘X’ graphic on the face of the Aygo, with its strong complementary colours.

Toyota Aygo

Toyota's RAV4 enters its fourth generation

The Toyota RAV4 was one of the cars that pioneered a new class of vehicle – the small SUV that combined some of the go-anywhere ability of a full 4x4 with the more car-like driving style of a less-focussed mud-plugger.

Toyota RAV4

Toyota GT86 – a real driver's car

I lined the Toyota GT86 up at the start of hil. I was a little concerned, but I gently squeezed the throttle. The road was quite narrow and I knew there was a danger of slithering off. I felt elated as crested the first rise and entered the tricky, rising left hander that so often brings such efforts to a halt.

Toyota GT86

Toyota's other hybrid model, the Auris

The benefit of being first to market is that you establish a name for yourself. So it was with the Toyota Prius – the first mainstream hybrid car – which was launched onto the Japanese market in 1997. But it has taken until recently for Toyota to widen the range of hybrids under the Toyota brand. The first non-Prius Toyota hybrid to come my way is the Toyota Auris Hybrid.

Toyota Auris Hybrid

Prius revisited. The first hybrid matures well.

It is quite a number of years since I last drove the Toyota Prius – the world’s first mass-produced hybrid.

Toyota Prius
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